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I grow Swift or Lark. This year it was Swift, which produced only 1 cob on each of 20 plants. Fewer than usual  -  the second (lower) cobs not being pollinated at all, probably due to the strong winds dispersing the pollen before the silks had emerged sufficiently. Not really a problem for me as there are enough now in my freezer to satisfy my needs, but I only felt able to give friends 4 cobs this year.

They are a good size though,  18-20cm and fat kernels. My garden helper cleared the raised bed yesterday, chopped up the stems, bagged them and covered the bed with membrane to keep the cats off! That gave me a sense of the growing season slowly coming to an end - I've already stopped harvesting Cobra and Moonlight beans (freezer full!), so I'm hoping for a further crop of dry beans for soups and stews at the end of the season.

Tricia  :wave:

Tiny Clanger:
Sounds like a general problem with sweetcorn this year. Not seen anyone on our site with corn to ask. Must all be away or coming down at different times. Sadly two or three don't speak enough English for me to ask. I think the cobs on a second block looked a bit bigger. I will try one next week. All the silks are going brown now.

Butternut squash is an amazing size this year - but a fair few of  the pumpkins have managed to cross breed again   :BangHead:

I only started harvesting my sweetcorn (in Northampton) today! Rather later than usual. As you say, kernels on the small side. (Variety is Incredible, sowed April 23rd).  Good crop though -  most plants survived and many have produced more than one cob.

A very unhappy event.  I had harvested about two thirds of my sweetcorn. I went to pick the rest last Thursday but found I was too late.  Badgers had visited and eaten and demolished the lot.  I cursed them heartily.

Then on Sunday I visited to get some carrots only to find a dead Badger by the roadside near to the allotments. Obviously hit by a passing vehicle.  :sad1:

I found myself cursing again but for very different reasons.

That's sucks, Beersmith - they may be a PITallotmeteer'sA but they don't deserve that. I killed one earlier this year - it ran out so close in front that I'd hit it before I got to the brake, and I was only doing about 45 - and was really quite upset. At least I middled it with the sump and killed it outright. 


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