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Tiny Clanger:
Growing "Lark" this year.  Growth has been good but when I tried one yesterday the kernels seem quite small.  Is this usual for Lark?  Are they not ready yet? or just a bit of a dismal yeild this time?

Duke Ellington:
Hi there I alway grow Lark sweetcorn and itís always been successful. However this year probably my worst in eight years!! Mine have been very slow and the cobs small for this time of the year! I havenít harvested them yet as mine arenít quite ready! The kernels are never small just average size! I wonder if the weather has affected them? My plants arenít as tall this year!

Possibly a weather effect.  I grow Swift. It is meant to be one of the earliest types, but while it looks promising, the silks are still green.  So another couple of weeks before first pickings.  After a cool spring some crops seem to catch up. I wonder if Sweetcorn just lag behind because of slow growth earlier.

Same with Swift for me, though I have found it being later for a few seasons now than it used to be for me.

My Earliking doesn't seem to be giving many cobs large enough to investigate - maybe just the weather?


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