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18 months ago, I had news from the Doc that if I did not change my eating habits,  I would shorten my life considerably. So out with cakes, pies, pasta and pizzas and in with all fresh cooked stuff at home so I did not have to eat all the 'additives' that food manufacturers bung in the mix. I have always eaten veg from the plot, but even some of those were forbidden, now the plot is mainly legumes, brassicas and squash with plenty of fruit to take the place of the nice puds. No troubles at all now apart from some of the extremes we tried. Did you know that having a cup of green tea instead of coffee in the morning looses you 67% of what little bit of pleasure you have left and what's with this stevia stuff, do you just imagine the sweetness or what.  Healthy drinking as well, no ale or wine but luckily single malt is still on the menu. Losing weight was also in the mix so I looked around at the skinniest people I know and they all turned out to be hippy types, so wholegrains and all the macrobiotic rubbish I could find went into my hippy diet, it works, very righteous  but incredibly boring but with a third of me now gone missing I can relax a bit. Had my first tablespoon of mash spuds yesterday, lovely, really sinful eh.

Hi Ya, I have gone on a diet as a visit to hospital to get on the list for a hip replacement, when not sure but I realize they are very busy and I am a little hesitant anyway. They told me I needed to loose a little weight according to the BMI chart. Never heard of it means nothing to me. They said I am not far over but not by how much. So following my wife's advice I am following a diet and been on it for 3 weeks and lost 1/2 a stone. It's not so much seeds and stuff but cutting down especially ale and wine, spuds and other bits I like. I do feel better but also taking paracetamol to ease any pain. She is with me on the diet and some meals have been a suprise to me like with the fish she cooked. Very tasty. More fruit and cut down on my favourite beer. Anyone else had a hip replacement? if so how did it go? So I will keep going and fingers crossed. I love tatties and having to cut down especially as we are lifting 1st earlies the best I love to eat. Still on we go hard as it may seem. But you have given me a bit more incentive Ace keep it going mate. Good luck

BMI it is a curse I am still over but if I loose much more there will be nothing left. A good tip with the scales, you can quickly loose a few pounds by moving them about on the bathroom floor :toothy10:  I had a knee replacement years ago not a hip I know but I worried before it was done, 2 months later right as rain. A friend had a hip done and is back to morris dancing so it cannot be that bad. My daughter in law is a physio the best advice was get fit before the op. it make for a quicker recovery.

The NHS website has a BMI calculator which takes account of sex and age and is better than most.  Ay the start of Covid I put OH and me on a 5:2 diet to lose some kilos as I understood the impact was greater for the overweight and especially obese plus I have a stupid arthritic knee and wanted to lighten the load.  I lost 12 kilos in 6 months and have been stable since last September whilst allowing for treats but would like to lose another 5 or 6 kilos if I can before Xmas.

Since we adopted the chooks last September we've been having bacon, egg, beans and wholemeal toast for lunch once or twice a week and a lot of frittata (quiche with no pastry) for other lunches with a salad made from red cabbage, beetroot, red peppers, radishes, cranberries dressed with cider vinegar and soy sauce.  Very tasty and healthy.   Dinners are meat or fish and loads of veggies or a vegetarian curry or tagine or some such.   We tend not to eat potatoes or bread otherwise but do like wine and chocolate and ice cream........ 

5:2 involves eating 800 calories max on 2 separate days of the week and 1800 max the other 5.   Worked brilliantly for us. 

You can reverse type 2 diabetes by losing weight and it certainly helps with hip and knee replacements.   I've known dancing friends have both and be up and about within weeks.  Very important to reduce blubber beforehand and follow the exercise regime afterwards.   

Good luck.


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