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No red tomatoes?? - Is that black stem the reason? Is it too late to treat?

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Deb P:
Iíve also got blight on my lottie outdoor plants, still picking some ripe fruits but donít think they will last much longerÖ.

I picked my first tomatoes of the season on Monday, beautiful plants with the best crop I've ever grown. I spent an hour last night cutting them down and salvaging what may perhaps yet ripen off the plants.

I think they were too close together - I usually get away with it but not is this warm, moist August.

Mine are finally starting to ripen (well, except the blue bayou, which have been purple on one side but green on the other for weeks) both outdoors and in the green house, but I've had to watch like a hawk for blight starting on the leaves, trim them back, and been spraying. I still have Dithane left -ghastly stuff, but then so is everything else that touches blight. 

No spraying here on anything we will eat so I grow tomatoes and chillies in the polytunnel to get a longer season for ripening but also to protect them from blight and allow me to use a seep hose for watering without losing too much to evaporation.    They do get checked every day now, just in case and we have only just had our first picking this week - very late cos of the cold spring.   I did grow some outside in our first year here and they were great but needed far too much water.

I have 2 plants left outside,  a Coeur du boeuf with very heavy trusses of large fruit which are now slowly ripening  -  and no sign of blight and next to it a Harbinger where I've had to remove most of the leaves and there are 10cm lengths of totally black stems on the two branches I allowed to develop early on as I only had the one plant. Oddly,  the long trusses are gradually ripening,  for the most part blight free.

In my small greenhouse the 2 Suncherry and 1 Coeur du Boeuf are now ripening, luckily with no sign of blight,  so far.

Can't do much with having a very painful arthritic right hand, but have managed to make and freeze two containers of sofrito so far. I'm picking the Harbinger toms as soon as they start to colour and have more than a kilo ripening on my kitchen windowsill. They will be ready for making another batch in a couple of days.

I find it odd that the majority of the Harbinger tomatoes are ripening with no sign of blight even though there are long black areas on the stems and no leaves left on the plant!

Tricia  :wave:


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