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No red tomatoes?? - Is that black stem the reason? Is it too late to treat?

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Last week's moan about no red tomatoes is swiftly followed by observing black fungus/canker on the stems and just beginning to affect the tops of some of the fruit.

Is it too late to apply a fungicide and what has worked best for others? Many thanks for all the comments.

Deb P:
Blight…….? They are doomed I’m afraid…

I got a touch of blight on my outdoor tomatoes, but with some de-leafing and the cooler nights it seems to be held in check, perhaps long enough to ripen some fruit on the plants, larger fruits can be taken off and taken indoors and some will ripen if you check them daily and remove ones that show signs of blight.

Well I hope your tomatoes have not been too badly hit. A week ago I had a good looking crop of sungold and some beefsteak ripening steadily.

Today I have a set of brown stemmed half dead plants.  The fruits themselves are showing brown marks, so that is it really.  Some you win some you lose.  But referring back to the original post, it is quite noticeable that the stems of my plants deteriorated far more than the leaves.  Looks like blight to me, but generally the leaves seem to go first.  Maybe it is a new variant, maybe a different fungal disease.?  Sometimes identifying plant diseases can be very difficult.

Yes, blight first noticed here last week on two of my outdoor plants,  mainly on the stems. One plant was so badly affected it was removed entirely but by the weekend most of the saved green tomatoes sitting on the kitchen windowsill had succumbed. The trusses on the virtually leafless remaining plants are heavy with still very green tomatoes so I don't have much hope that they will ripen before the blight gets them too  -  I doubt that there will be much sofrito made this year  :BangHead:.

Tricia  :wave:


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