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anyone have red tomatoes?

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Picking,  on average,  2 to 3 Suncherry in the greenhouse each day (lovely flavour, but tough skin) All four varieties I have growing outdoors are still very green.

Tricia  :wave:

No ripe toms here but some green ones so it'll happen eventually.

Started late cos of cold spring and nowhere heated to keep seedlings happy once germinated and pricked out.   Then, when I did pot them on and carry them to the polytunnel when it was warm enough I dropped the tray and they all got mixed up so I've no idea which is which until they ripen.   Looking forward to rose de Berne, sown on a recommendation for someone here and quite a few others new to me too.

Tigrella and Clibran's Victory both producing strongly, a couple of Buffalo Horrn all ripe and ready... thought I had some Big White but they had blossom end rot. Outdoors Schimmeg Crag (?) can never spell that one, Garten Pearle, Whippersnapper and another variety in baskets and tubs... my courgettes have been slow.. just coming in well now but the veg Spag have been mad... every years is different!

I've grown early and small varieties this year so had a few weeks ago, then a lull, but starting up again now.

Down here in Portugal I have been picking since May despite a few disasters.
On my 2nd lot of passata and still have young plants just forming fruit that I put in for a late crop.
Round here there are thousands and thousands of acres of toms, all determinate plum types and they are just ripening.  I went out for a bike ride on Sunday and got passed by about 10 lorries full of toms that are off to the cannery - I rode 20km to the next town and virtually all of it on both sides of the road is tomatoes!  I could have made enough sauce from the ones that fall off on the roadside to last me for years. It actually becomes a road hazard when it get in full swing as there as squashed toms everywhere and cars have been know to slide off the road..


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