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anyone have red tomatoes?

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Reasonable amount of fruit, but all small and green on my Moneymakers and Red Verdants; all grown outside but with no sign of sun wondering if anyone is having more success.

I've had two Santonio (Merlot-type mini-plum tomatoes), that's all so far. My Blue Bayou look as though they have greenback, except the other way up - the tops are purple but the bottoms are green! The weather has been very good for lush growth (I swear I have triffids in the greenhouse) which probably doesn't help... and I might have overdone the Q4 when I potted them up as well, will skimp a bit next year and hope I get less lushness.

1st red tomato - outdoor grown taken off plot yesterday.  More than slightly outnumbered by courgetttes.

I've been eating tomatoes since the first week in June.....but my courgettes didn't even germinate. I have so many outdoor cucumbers I could start a shop, there's a limit to how much you can eat and I've never yet found anything else to do with them, they go soft if pickled, the soup is horrible, you win some you lose some!

Deb P:
No red tomatoes on my outdoor bushes or potted dwarf cherry plants yet, last year I was harvesting July the bagful in July! Indoor cordons all totally green, the only ones showing any signs of ripening are the couple of bush dwarf/ trailing plants in pots in the greenhouse….also have the best cucumbers I have ever grown from saved seeds, I’ll definitely do that again this year!


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