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Onions and squash?


Has anyone else noticed this... we are growing more squash and pumpkins and this has meant some follow the onions in our rotation, the ones that are following onions are very slow to establish and far behind their neighbours, raised the same and planted out at the same time...  :wave:

Well it is not a phenomenon that I have noticed but I am more than happy to praise your powers of observation. I am a strong advocate of taking a few minutes every time I go to my allotment to simply look at things.  It is worth the time spent as so often you detect something interesting.

Just one example this season, I have noticed that some of my seed packets seemed to contain more than one variety.  My first row of beetroot were Boltardy. Nothing obvious from the seeds themselves but harvesting there are unmistakable signs that some had a different bulb shape, slightly different leaf shape and paler colour and ifmore distinctive rings when cooked. Also my sugar snap peas looked to have some slight variation in wrinkliness when they were sown and when grown two clearly different pod shapes were apparent, one type very flat initially.  I strongly suspect the same with my celeriac as they have differences in leaf colour and habit.  No evidence for any other types or crop.

These were all seeds from Kings and I'll be watching closely next season. They are keenly priced and I will give them another chance, but may switch if it happens again. Dealing with so many varieties and so many crops, the odd interloper is to be expected, but a third of the packet?

Is it perhaps that the other crops were in beds that were manured and fed more than the onion beds? Did you prepare all the beds in the same way for the squash?

It was OH's observation, to be fair, I put it down to that bed being the lightest on the plot, and therefore freer draining and the rootball drying out in the very hot period, but thought I'd ask...
On the other idea we have about 1/3rd of our sprouts which are certainly not sprouts at all... which is very irritating. If I pick up plants at an allotment sale and they aren't what it says (had some veg spag which were clearly pattypan one year) fair enough, but expect commercial seed companies to deliver what it says on the packet...

Coincidentally, I ordered onion seed from Kings this year, and it was replaced with a substitute.

Melon seed! Melon currently making like Triffid in the greenhouse, hopefully at least one of the thousands of flowers will set! 


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