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It seems to have been a good year for it. I have just clipped it hoping for a second show. Very handy this year as I have lost so much weight I keep having to get smaller clothes. Charity shops for jackets etc, give them back when I need a smaller one, run the steamer over them or down the dry cleaners. Most of these clothes are natural fibres, not the cheap far eastern polymer rubbish.  Some like the harris tweed I would like to keep so Lavender bags are being made to keep the moths at bay. Drying it in the conservatory at the moment, the house is in a lavender haze.

You should sleep well then ACE!

Am I the only one who really does not like the smell of Lavender?

I'm OK with the scent but I don't like it in food.

I must say I have gone off it a bit these last few days. Windows wide open and it still lingers, as for sleep I get my eight hours but not in one hit.


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