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--- Quote from: Plot22 on July 20, 2021, 07:04:14 ---I have done it for several years now . Last year white rot decimated all my stock EXCEPT it did not touch the elephant garlic. I had to buy all new stock except the elephant. Same again this year lost most of the softneck that I had purchased but the elephant is fine. I have kept the elephant for a number of years starting off with just 4 cloves this year I set 60 so I am wondering if it has built up a resistant to the white rot?

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Since the elephant is closer to a leek I suspect it is a natural immunity - I certainly find elephant garlic is always there when I dig it, whereas ordinary garlic has a habit of disappearing. Even unharvested leeks can't be trusted - I often dig for them in winter because the bulbs they produce taste like silverskin onions but without the layers - excellent sliced into cheese sandwiches.


I said that I would reply once I had harvested my crop of onions. Over the last 2 weeks I have harvested 300 onions including the following Wilko's Turbo Crop Sets ( only set as a back up in case my onions from seed failed ) Hylander and Golden Bear. I have lost 3 due to white rot which is an improvement on last year. First I have set in the same bed as last year. Second I spread garlic powder across the bed around early September and in the winter I spread and dug in well rotted farm yard manure. I only watered when I set the sets and seedlings and never since. Third we have had a long dry spell which may have helped dissuade the white rot and fourth I have lifted them  soon after  they went over. Previous to last year I was righting off 20% of the crop hence I set 300  needless to say despite giving all my friends and neighbours a bunch to dry we have more than we need. I am drying them on the trees in my large back garden and up to press they are drying well and looking ok. I have already purchased the garlic powder to spread over the bed these next few weeks just in case that is a positive factor.


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