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Hi Ya, I have grown garlic this year and quite pleased with the results. I was looking at it and there is more than I will use and was wondering if I can grow it from my own saved bulbs. Has anyone done it and how did it turn out? cheers all

Tee Gee:
Yes, I did it regularly, providing it is free of disease! 

See here;

Tiny Clanger:
Hi Iezelle,  I've successfully  grown bulbs from saved garlic. I don't grow a lot of saved cloves as there are so many different ones I've never tried.

 Had to scrap mine this year due to rot. I have it in patches all over the plot. Unlucky this year.  Glad to hear yours have done well. X

A perfectly sensible thing to do, but as TeeGee has emphasised use only healthy disease free bulbs, and in my opinion decent sized cloves.  It can be an excellent economy measure too as garlic sets can be expensive from some suppliers.

 I have done it myself with good results but as I have a source of good sets at reasonable prices I do not do it every year.  I tend to monitor how my stocks are keeping and how much has been eaten as autumn approaches, and act accordingly.

I have done it for several years now . Last year white rot decimated all my stock EXCEPT it did not touch the elephant garlic. I had to buy all new stock except the elephant. Same again this year lost most of the softneck that I had purchased but the elephant is fine. I have kept the elephant for a number of years starting off with just 4 cloves this year I set 60 so I am wondering if it has built up a resistant to the white rot?


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