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Mystery of the missing blackfly on my broad beans

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No blackfly AT ALL on my broad beans this year. I always have blackfly. I do not use chemicals or sprays at all, and rely on pinching out the tops - which I have not done this year.... I almost miss the little pests (not). Lovely crop of beans. Same places as usual within the plot. Planted indoors to avoid the depredations of the local rabbit population (bigger this year than ever) and planted out over four or five weeks in early May in (home) compost strips between cardboard paths.

No change in nearby sycamore hedge which has always been blamed for the infestations. I would like to know why so I can ensure it happens again for next year! Also no cabbage whites seen flying around after expensively covering all brassicas with veggie mesh on supports. All very odd.

Only other change is not mowing nearby grass since early May except for paths eg to greenhouse. Is this somehow trapping the pests? Diverting their attention?

Any ideas welcome - as I say, I want to ensure this is not the last time this happens!

At a guess, they are all in my garden!

ed dibbles:
No blackfly here either but a large number of ladybirds. Are they connected? maybe, mabe not.

No shortage of slugs though, the wet weather has seen to that :happy7:

And hardly any blackfly on my plot either. Perhaps more predators around this year.  I’m inclined to connect it with the odd weather we’ve had so far this season.
Also the same with cabbage whites. Only seen a couple of strays whereas they’re usually rife by now.

I’m not sure that there’s anything we can do to repeat this another year. ☹️

And yes, the slugs. The ups and downs of these things ……

Yes, I fear the weather has had a lot to do with it - I've had a few plants with blackfly but most have avoided the little effers and I've had my best crop of broadies in years. Mind you, said fly are just settling in on my globe artichoke...


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