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My old allotment

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Well it's better than finding it's all thistles and bindweed!

I use similar metal hoops, netting, mulch sheets to have half a chance of keeping on top of weeds and pests but not £10,000 worth!

I would have been worried to go back, in case it had gone to wrack and ruin... too many great plots degenerate when they change hands... throwing money at it is no substitute but at least he seems to be putting in the work as well.

Deb P:
I don’t get the appeal of a Lamborghini…….not much use it you can’t cram it full of fruit trees as I’ve had to do before now! 😂

During a moment of idle reflection I began to ponder what I had spent on my plots over the years. I'm pretty sure it is nowhere near£10k but I am equally sure it is not a tiny sum either.

For a start not long after taking on my first plot the shed I inherited was rotten and had reached the end of its working life. A well constructed replacement of a reasonable size was £400 plus. Then a base and several tins of good preservative on top.  I've had to replace spades, forks and hoes, and handtools on a regular basis. I have paid out for water butts, a large sturdy fruit cage, and in total a very large number of trees and fruit bushes.  If you want a particular variety on preferred root stock they can be pricey even for young bare rooted tree. Then hoops, nets, covers and cloches, and a regular delivery of manure.  It creeps up without really being aware of the total.  I nearly forgot tulip bulbs, dahlias, peonies, etc.

I don't think I'm in any way exceptional and I would not change a thing, but maybe £10k is not quite as extreme as it first appears, especially if you also have a greenhouse or a polytunnel.


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