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Tee Gee:
I was passing the road end to where my allotment was and thought I would call in and see how things were after 2½ years, and this is how my old plot looked today.

When I got home I went through my photos from previous years for pictures taken from a similar spot and this is how they compared;

Word has it that he has spent in the region of around £10k and I can believe it, e.g. what would a 20ft x 8ft aluminium greenhouse cost today. Add to that, he has replaced the glass in my old 12ftx8ft greenhouse with polycarbonate sheeting.

All the beds have been raised and filled to a height of 1½ft. Then there are the walk-in fleece cloches!

I could go on and mention  more,  for example he drives to the site in a Lamborghini

Good luck to him, I say!

Well Tee Gee, at least all your hard work tilling the soil and keeping it n good state and weed free hasn't been left to go to ruin. 

 I rather like his fancy, sturdy system of hoops for polythene and insect netting to warm up the soil and keep off pests.  Never seen anything like it here tho we do have a  good hoop and net system for keeping bugs (and chooks) off brassicas.

I have never understood the appeal of lamborginis and their ilk.  I like a proper car that cruises well on the motorway but also has the space and height to carry home plants such as clematis or roses or shrubs and small trees as well as trays of plug plants and big bags of compost.   Also need room for the dogs when we take them out for walkies.  Lamborgini no good at all. 

It takes all sorts.

I've known plot holders who begrudge spending a penny, delay paying the rent until the last possible moment, and always on the scrounge for spare produce, plants, tools, and pretty much anything that is not nailed down. But if someone enjoys a hobby and is happy to spend money on their chosen recreation then I agree with you and say good luck to them. You have the consolation that your old plot is well tended and being enjoyed. Far better than being neglected.


--- Quote from: Obelixx on July 02, 2021, 21:39:31 ---Lamborgini no good at all.

--- End quote ---

I don't own a Lamborghini or a greenhouse but given the opportunity I'd go for the greenhouse every time!

How do you get a wheelbarrow in the back of a Lambo, I wonder?

...unless it's one of these:


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