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Monsoon season

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Some call it biblical, which is usually wetter than normal, Coming up to a week of wet stuff now, so it can stop now if it wants to. This would have been the usual time for the Isle of Wight festival and everybody would be up to their armpits in mud, postponed this year to September which will be even wetter. Too wet for gardening and even too wet to sit on the beach and catch some mackerel for tea. Come on sunshine . it's midsummer.

Tee Gee:
Hope it moves up here, Ace. My garden is suffering from desert conditions rather than rain forest conditions! :glasses9:

It's wetter than an otter's pocket here near the cattle crossing! RAF Benson has already had 50mm of rain this month, and I'm woeing that I haven't got my butts set back up yet (it's a long story - suffice to say that something else is in the space at the mo) because if I had the lot full I'd have 1000L to play with.

Tee Gee:

--- Quote ---I had the lot full I'd have 1000L to play with.
--- End quote ---

Sounds like there has been Water, water everywhere, but not a drop for my plants to drink.

The old water meter has spun around at a fair rate of knots this year!

A brood of young Sparrows have decimated the succulent leaves of my Mesembryanthemums, so I am expecting nothing like this this year!

Well I am in Barnsley not far from Tee Gee we have hardly any rain just a bit overnight at the weekend I got the hose out on my allotment this morning as wanted to save whats in the water butts I expect when it does reach here it wont know when to stop just want the sun to ripen the strawberries 


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