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My obscene rose bush is blooming!

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It is indeed, Beersmith. When my Dad died the local estate, where he used to drive the game cart for shoots, gave one to Mum with a sympathy card. He'd have been absolutely made up to think they'd thought of him like that.

I had Generous Gardener in my Belgian garden and loved it.  Teasing Georgia is another favourite for looks and perfume.  I had Gertrude Jekyll too - exceptional clear pink and heady perfume - but vicious thorns.   

I find it can take a David Austin rose 3 years to decide it's happy and take off and I'm not convinced the heat here is the best for them altho cuttings on their own roots seem fine.  Anyway, I've taken to trying more local varieties and bought some last year - Roxane, Scentimental, Pascal Sevran, Rose de Cornouaille and Annapurna.   Doing OK so far despite all the heatwaves and drought last year.

"I find it can take a David Austin rose 3 years to decide it's happy and take off" - very true.

We overhauled our back garden in 2019 and I planted four David Austin roses - "Pilgrim", "A Shropshire Lad", "Claire Austin" and "Generous Gardener".  SL went off like a rocket (but looks like it will be even better this year); P is hitting the mark this year; CA is getting going; and GG is suddenly going beserk.

We've also been given "Wisley" and "Golden Celebration" last year which are looking good but still sitting back.

Sadly, SWMBO's Whisky Mac, a Valentine's present some years ago, has probably snuffed it - the only shoots have come at soil level, so may be the stock. Not 100% as the classic stock has 7-lobed leaves, and the shoots have 5, but I'm not too hopeful.


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