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My obscene rose bush is blooming!

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Obscene rose bush? Maiden's Blush is, in French, "Cuisse de nymphe emuee" - "Thigh of an aroused nymph"! Well, how could I resist one of those in my garden?

I buried my nose in the bush and it smelt *fabulous*! Proper old-fashioned scent so thick you could drown in it.

Crown Princess Margarite ( a bit classier!) and Souvenir Du Dr Jamain.. are both in full flower... great colours and scent.

Deb P:
My current favourites in glower are ‘Buff beauty’, ‘Goldfinch’ and ‘Gloire de Dijon’, amazing potent scents!
Mme Hardy has yet to flower, all my other roses are well behind their usual flowering period, and yet I have a Canna I grew from a tuber in full bloom already?!


--- Quote from: saddad on June 18, 2021, 07:45:37 --- ( a bit classier!)

--- End quote ---

I'm from Essex. Please explain "Classier" to me. Is that like opening the door on my white Ford Escort so my girlfriend can throw up?

I have always thought that "the generous gardener" is not only a beautiful rose but a beautiful name.


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