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Slow worm!


I rescued one from a cat in our road this morning - heaven only knows what the neighbours thought, I abandoned the car in the middle of the road with the engine running and leapt out and chased the moggy! I s'pose I could have released it in my garden, but I'd have had to leave the car blocking the road, and I was worried that it might shed its tail. Definitely going to put some slow worm habitat in ASAP now, though.

Good rescue.  Hope it's safe now.

We have lots of habitat but no slow worms spotted yet.  On the other hand we do have teeny lizards about 3 to 6 inches long that live in stone walls and we have Western Whip snakes that seem to spend winter hibernating in the big compost heap and summers lurking in the long grass and wild bits. 

OH spotted a pair "canoodling" a couple of years ago - see pic - and Possum was put off going in the garden for nearly 2 weeks after seeing one slithering into the wild bit at the bottom.  Had to entice her with a visit to feed the chooks a treat of sweetcorn.    She still won't go near long grass.

Ooooh, pretty!

Good for you gray1720  :icon_cheers:


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