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Leaving my allotment in West Yorkshire.


Sadly, I am getting rid of my allotment.

I am selling some things, Greenhouse and Shed ,Compost bins, water butts and lots to give away. If anyone is interested. Had a good 16 years there but have other things to do.

Farewell and good fortune.

Who knows?  One day you may be tempted back

Thankyou, but I won't.

Tiny Clanger:
Really sad to hear you are giving up.  Many gone from our site now.  Lot of changes.  Have you a garden you could do a bit with and keep us all posted about that?  Not maybe a lottie per se, but you have a lot of experience you could pass on to us needy folk. x  :wave:

It's a shame the atmosphere on the plots is so sour.  I hope you'll be able to continue growing and gardening at home and can thus still share you adventures and experience.   All the best for whatever you're doing next.


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