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What we had when we moved in. two and a half years ago.
This is now.
I think we have made a bit of a difference.
Still more to do though.

That looks really good! I must do the same for mine...

There's always more to do isn't there but that's an impressive transformation.  Well done.

Tee Gee:

--- Quote ---Still more to do though
--- End quote ---

Tell me about it!

I have been trying for the last 50 years to get my garden the way I want it! :BangHead:

Trouble is: I don't know exactly what I want! :glasses9:

Perhaps you do, and will have more success than me. :icon_cheers:

Do you have a plan or are you like me, the garden will always be seen as :Work in Progress as your title suggest? :coffee2:

What ever you do always take it a bit at a time "Rome wasn't Built in a day"

Sorry, TeeGee, but I think the Rome quote in my sig is better. I bet Obelixx knows the source!


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