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Tip for stopping mice from digging up pea seeds

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This works for me:

(TBH, judging by the amount of cat turd I find, no mouse will dare show its nose round my peas. I used to like cats until I had my own garden...) 

The RSPB sells a sonic cat deterrent you might want to check out Gray.

Years ago on The Big Dig there was a biodynamic gardener who soaked her peas in paraffin for a day before planting them.  Said the smell keeps the mice off.

Unfortunately, SWMBO has bat's ears, and can hear the "ultrasonic" deterrents too...

Don't leave your trowel out next to the row?


Tee Gee:
I found that sowing time was often a factor for mice eating seed peas. If I sowed them outdoors quite early say pre May mice were sometimes a problem. I put it down to there was very little suitable foodstuff around so they resorted to digging up pea seeds.

With later outdoor showings I would point out straight into the ground then water them in with a very weak solution of water and Jeyes fluid this seemed to deter them plus there were often easier pickings elsewhere in the garden.

To over come the early sowing problem I sowed my peas in cell trays then planted out the modules when they were around 4"-6" tall. Then as a precaution I would sometimes water in the plug plants with the same weak Jeyes fluid solution.

I often got the feeling that this deterred the pigeons as well. My belief is; like so many cases in nature smells can be an attractor as well as a deterren so I went along with nature!

This link will take you to a webpage showing how I grew my Peas

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