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Mares tail


Is this weed something that should be reported to the authorities?

No but do make sure you tackle it before the spores ripen and are released.  Its roots go down for miles and break and propagate easily so don't try digging it out.  It can be managed with regular hoeing and then making sure the cut pieces are dried completely before they go anywhere near a compost heap, even the council one.   

It contains a lot of silica so if you want to try weed killers you need to crush the stems to bruise them or it will just run off.

Tee Gee:
I agree with Obelixx!

Here is my thoughts on it;

The bloke who has the allotment next to mine has a massive infestation of the stuff. He has been digging about three foot down on all his beds and sieving the soil to try to eradicate it on his plot.

I have it encroaching on my allotment where it adjoins his. I have kept it at bay by pulling every shoot up as it appears. Then putting them in a bin until it dies off, to be burned later.

He has demolished my fence and put a new one up. He has given me an extra 18 " of land in doing so. I am not happy as I now have all this extra land which is badly infested with Marestail.

I used to put glass along the bottom of my fence to try to stop his weeds. Now he will not let me put anything up against his new fence. Saying it will rot it.

On top of all that, I have used his allotment path to gain entry to my allotment for over 16 years. It saves me walking around to the main entrance as I only live across the road. When he put up the new fence, he blocked the entry spot. I had been told by others that he was going to do this and not a word from him.

I am not a happy tennant!


--- Quote from: cacran on May 06, 2021, 17:40:55 ---
He has demolished my fence and put a new one up.

When he put up the new fence, he blocked the entry spot.

I am not a happy tennant!

--- End quote ---

Understandably you are not happy.

But some of these events seem unusual.  Our council enforces a cast iron rule about paths. They cannot be removed, altered, blocked, dug up, narrowed or changed in any way. Must also be maintained so they are passable to others and free of obstructions. Failing to comply is an eviction matter.  No fences either. Plots are mostly divided by the paths.  Where plots are ajoining, you cannot erect any barriers along the border either.

Perhaps worth digging out your rule book?


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