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Tiny Clanger:
My plot neighbour has moved plot after 10 years to one adjoining his second plot (free 5 metre polytunnel thrown in and 2 sheds). He has given me 20 asparagus crowns - he took the rest with him. I know NOTHING about growing asparagus, and just planted them in with plenty of muck in the soil (default method when I'm  not sure what to do) and top dressed with fbb. Some are starting to show, but do they need feeding? Would they benefit from magnesium sulphate?   :wave:

I haven't fed my asparagus in years, thinking they must be near the end of their lives. This year, their thirty-seventh, the crop is heavier and earlier than ever. I think I must have struck lucky! Seriously, if they have 'taken' then I don't think you need worry about them except to keep an eye out for the dreaded beetle. Good gift, though!

I know they like a well drained soil but I don't think they need a great deal of feeding.

I planted a load last year and it's not showing yet, but the blow-in I have on the other plot just keeps getting bigger without any feeding. I think it's pretty bomb-proof! Maybe just shove some muck on over winter?

Tiny Clanger:
Thanks for that everyone. I feel a bit more confident now x


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