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This is definitely growing from seed, but what is it?
Leaves are about 3 cms long at this stage. the stems are slightly hairy and have a pink tinge.

If it is anything like this, just get it out of the ground, dig, dig, dig until there is no trace at all and hope it isn't what it sounds like, pink hairy stem would worry me.

We have been trying to remember what was growing  in that part of the garden when we moved in. Only Bindweed, Herb robert, Lythrum and a little white thing spring to mind.
so what is your leaf from?

Ssssh, Fallopia japonica. Not being there to see it, I could be just over reacting. We had an infestation on some council land years ago, cannot remember what the juveniles came up like. Totally different from the more mature shoots. It does blow in from seeds.

Definitely not that. There is none anywhere near here and I have seen it before so know what it looks like at all stages of its growth.


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