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Compost tumbler


I was given a compost tumbler a few years ago but never used it much. The main reason is that when it has stuff in I can't actually turn it as the inertia is so great with the weight and there's nothing to hold onto to grip it to turn.

So it's sat there till I decided to try putting in the compost after its been in the heap and just a small amount, a bucketful.
A few wizzes  round and the compost came out all loose and airy and ready for riddling.

So I wondered whether other people use one of these?

I have one too, also given to me some years ago.(I soon realised why!).Right now it's full and hasn't been turned since last summer. Whenever I have a big, strong male visitor the bin gets a few vigorous turns (how men like to show their strength! ), but due to covid - no visitors, so it just sits there.

I hope to get it emptied next month but am not sure when the contents will get riddled.  I can no longer do much in my garden. I'm still waiting for treatment on my poor arthritic right thumb which is held in a splint to prevent painful movements so I am,  quite literally, handicapped  :BangHead:.

One thing is sure though  - the bin goes on Freecycle once it is empty!

I've been lucky enough to find a retired chappie who keeps my small garden tidy on an hourly basis. He will empty, and hopefully, riddle my dalek next week (expensive compost! ).

Tricia  :wave:

My husband made me one once and it was too heavy to turn. Never thought to do what you have. Wish I never ditched it now!


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