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Monty Don inspired me to plant some radicchio (a free packet of seeds). Now I have some little plants I really don't know what to do with them. Any ideas?

In Belgium I could buy plugs of a radicchio called Salade de Vérone which I simply planted, watered and harvested with no fuss.

Here I have only seen plugs of a different variety that needs blanching like Witloof chicory.   I haven't tried it yes as I didn't have space at the time but I'll have 2 new beds this year and now I have found a packet of seeds so really should give it a go.

I found this link which may help you too -

I grew some about 30 years ago and they grew fine.
They were really really bitter - I am not sure if I was supposed to cloche them but I couldn't eat them - they were ok used sparingly in a salad but I had a dozen of the things!

Like BarriedaleNick, I use it sparingly in a mixed salad, mainly for its rather striking splash of deep red veined with white. It’s quite cold hardy and is great overwintered with a bit of protection.

I used it shredded in a mixed leaf salad too but I have a hankering to try it halved or quartered, brushed with olive oil and grilled it on a hot plate.  However, they only sell the red chicon style here so seeds it will be.


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