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I'd like a good quality trowel. If anyone has any tips please.
I took mine up to the grave yard to plant 5 spare bulbs and I snapped the handle on bulb No1.
Hello again to old members that might remember me here. Greetings to newer people too.
A lot went on in my life for a few years.
I no longer have a garden. I miss it a lot. I also miss the birds and wildlife of my previous home, being more rural.
This year, I have bought tubs and buckets. I'm going to try and grow a few bits and pieces in my small yard. The joys of living in town.. not!

I have 2 Wolf trowels and find them very strong.  Have had them for years and all they need is a good clean now and again.  They can get a bit rusty if left with wet soil on so I just sand them down and spray with WD40 before putting away and I have even been known to sharpen the edges with a kitchen knife steel.  Mine have a fixed handle but they also do them as part of their multi head system so you can choose the length of the handle to suit you -

I also have a smarter and more expensive stainless steel, Sneeboer.  I love it but it is not as stainless as they claim so I need to clean and treat that too and it has a wooden handle which means I can spend ages hunting for it if I put it down on the soil.  Not a problem for you I should think.  I like it because it has a flat, vaguely heart shaped blade which is great for weeding and planting on my knees but not for scooping compost or soil into or out of planting holes and pots.

I can't remember the name of the brand but I have a hand fork and trowel at the allotment with a bright orange plastic handle.
It helps when you miss lay them as I do several times every day. That said the trowel is still hiding somewhere! I've still got the CK brand I was bought for my 21st birthday. Though one handle has had to be replaced they are still going strong.

I garden on clay and have mursered many a trowl by snapping its neck, i have taken to buying only trowls whose handle and spade trowel bit are a solid fused set up ie thepace between the handle and neck are very short, and the post is inserted  all the way into the handle . my favorite and the one that seems to stand up best to my clay garden is the Lidl Florabest one which cost 5. but im not sure if they will have them again. the down side is they have a black handle and i am forever lossing them but they dont carode sotthats another bonus.

Cheap and cheerful for me, lost quite a few over the years, but at the moment I am up to 4 as I have just sieved my compost heap and 2 turned up.


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