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Tiny Clanger:
Having recently acquired a half plot to the rear of ours, I found some raspberry canes stuffed in at tge back of a shed mixed in long grass and not tended for sone time. A neighbour said they were yellow fruiting, but knew know more about them (he griws only potatoes and onions.
Is it too late to move these canes into a better position and prune them back? They are all over the place and about six feet high.   :blob7:

Raspberries are pretty tough and can be moved ok at any time that's not actually freezing. I'd cut back the top growth and they'll need watering if the weather gets dry, of course.

You probably won't get much fruit from them this season (unless they are autumn fruiting ones which produce on this year's growth).

If you haven't got plans for where they currently are, you could replant some to where you want them - you'll be choosing smaller plants and spreading them out - and leave the rest to fruit before getting them up at the end of the season.

Tiny Clanger:
Thanks Paul I'll give that a go. I do have a new place in mind for them so I will move them there. I may just put somevwure up fore tgem too.
Many tganks again xx


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