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Oil/petrol mixes for rotavators/tillers-confusion!


George the Pigman:
To replace my old Mantis I bought a Cobra T24C Two-Stroke Tiller which arrived today.
Looking at the manual that came with it it says it needs a 30:1 petrol/oil mixture. However the free bottle of oil that came with it says to use a 50:1 mixture. To confuse the matter more the same manual downloaded from the manufacturer says use a 25:1 ratio
On my old Mantis I used a 50:1 ratio.
Is it critical which of these ratios I use? Apart from the Mantis I have never used a two stroke before.

Can't help but yes, it's crucial.

OH killed a Mantis in our Belgian garden because he didn't/wouldn't understand about the fuel mix and now he's doing the same to a strimmer and a rotavator here. 

Drives me potty.

Tee Gee:

I have read 2 manuals and the both say 25:1
Add to which this ratio gives better lubrication

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Agree with Tee Gee - too much oil will do less harm than too little. Too much - smokey, oily plugs, poor starting. Too little... you can sieze it, or run a bearing. Much worse!


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