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If the active ingredients are acetic acid or pelagonic acid take care as they can easily cause skin and eye damage.  If used to excess they can harm the soil, and for many perennial weeds the top growth will die and then just regrow.

Of course, the absolute best, cheapest and most effective herbicide for annual weeds is called a hoe.

Hi Ya, been reading up and white vinegar gets listed a lot. I see you say use white vinegar Hippydave and wonder if you use it on your veg beds? does it stay long or can your plant a couple of days later? do you use a certain recipe you have found to work well? Interested to hear. The weeds will take of as I am having to self isolate for 10 days due being in contact with someone who tested positive for corona. another pain in the a---. Keep ell and safe all

The problem with any weedkiller or psteicide is that they are not discriminatory and will affect beneficial soil organisms too, especially the ones you can't see but which are essential to soil health.

I'd go with hoeing and then No Dig after first getting OH to dig out things with deep tap roots.

This list of weed killers and their contents may be useful if you really want to spray -

I might use vinegar for weeds on a path or patio but I'd be much less willing to spray it around the veg garden - it is just an acid.  You can get horticultural vinegar which is strong enough to cause severe eye damage and is used as a defoliant.
My paradise in Portugal is somewhat marred by field bindweed, couch grass and some odd local invasive tough grass\weed.  I've been digging it out covering it up  and hoeing but I have reverted to glysophate.  The previous owners just rotovated all the time so all the weeds are spread everywhere...
Muito trabalho!

We have field bindweed too Barriedale Nick.  Glyphosate didn't fix it.

Our farmer neighbour gave us a huge sheet of plastic to cover up bare earth in our potager while we worked in another part of it.  2 years later guess what's alive and well - tho pale yellow - and running along the surface of the soil.  Bindweed.

In existing beds I do fork things over before improving the soil and planting anything.  New beds we make this spring are getting the cardboard and mulch treatment.


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