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glysophate free weedkiller

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Hi Ya, Saw this for sale in a shop and wondered if it is environment friendly. Will it harm wildlife. I used to use glysophate based but packed it in when I found out how bad it was. I am trying to find out the contents of this product but wondered if any one has used it or indeed seen it. Be interested in your thoughts

No picture, or details. 

If it's the one I saw in Tesco this week, the active ingredient is acetic acid, so I presumed it was an expensive way of buying vinegar.

Yes, I've spotted that - first seen as "Glyphosate-free Roundup" - WTF? I assume it's like the old treatment for broad-leaved weeds of spraying with sulphuric acid and burning off the foliage. One day I'll remember to take my reading specs to the garden centre and check the formulation, I suspect it's rather higher concentration than vinegar - if not it's a rip-off!

Just use white vinegar, it works very well.


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