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--- Quote from: gray1720 on February 21, 2021, 22:25:18 ---Can you line them with eg hardboard and paint it white? That would make them feel lighter
--- End quote ---

Love the appropriate technology approach; so taking that a step further, lining the 'sun pipe' with oven foil would be more reflective, and sticking foil on like wallpaper is probably easier than painting. Also, I've noticed that most oven-ready scampi come in bags that are very shiny aluminised plastic on the inside, so they are probably less likely to lose their shine (I've been using them to bag up plastic bags in the PT - to keep UV off the handy bags - they give 100% protection for about 18 months in full sun before they go dull). I've seen similar bags used for 'premium' dried fruit and nuts - but that's the limit of my bag knowledge... Apart from the same stuff that's used for toy helium balloons of course.


PS. I've always put off installing a solar panel on my shed because it could easily get nicked the next day. Using a sun pipe (or two) to channel light to a panel inside the shed might be the answer (so would installing a skylight - but that's a lot more work, and my roof faces north anyway).

The outdoors are in a lot of shade from neighbours trees.  I was considering using a leisure battery and some 12v lights.

Tiny Clanger:
We have a couple of rechargeable lights. Each about a foot long that sit on magnetic strips. they are not too bad. Have similar for the cupboard under the stairs.  :blob7:


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