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I have two outbuildings at the top of the garden which I use as sheds.  The Windows are North facing and a bit dark inside.

Can anyone recommend lighting that might be suitable than does not require mains power, as the outbuildings are too far from the property.

We have a solar powered light fitting with a movement sensor that comes on after dark when we need it and illuminates our main gardening, dog walking and shopping entrance to the house.  I'm sure you could find one of those on the internet.  As long as you can face the wee solar panel full south and change the angle to allow for low winter sun and high summer sun  a couple of those should help light up your sheds when you're in there.   

What about a sun pipe? 

Can you line them with eg hardboard and paint it ehite? That would make them feel lighter.

Hi Ya, I have installed a 12volt caravan light. A lot of people use them when they modify their transit vans etc. I have a solar panel outside to catch the suns power wired to a regulator, from there wired to a 12volt care battery, I got free when it was being thrown out, to a normal house socket from there a wire runs from the socket  to a 12inch caravan light. It's quite bright and a bonus in my shed. From the socket I can run a caravan water pump and transfer water around butts or water plants as required. I am please with it. There is plot holder on our site has 2 car batteries and a solar panel and used the same lights when he saw mine, he has 4 lights wired in and he also runs a 12 volt strimmer from it as well. I can supply the name  of the if your interested, I was quite surprised how bright the light is. Good luck


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