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Plant for very small wildlife pond

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As the water is contained, there will not really be proper damp marginal areas so anything goes that fits the theme of the area. What I would do though is get some mosses to plant in amongst the rocks to green it up a bit, also those small irises to give the  area a damp ambience.

I must admit I was thinking more of a water plant *in* each for oxygenation and cover for critters (I am aware that this may mean a lot of watching the levels in summer when my stock of rainwater is lowest!). However the ideas for stuff *around* them largely cover stuff I'd not thought of, so keep them coming please. I do have some white iris that I've popped in next to them, and there was borage there last year (see front of photo!), so I may have to fight that regularly.

Something in the water?   wetland grasses are good for cover, pond insects etc. Just lift, shake and cut a chunk off when it gets too big. A different colour in each tub.

That's a good call, Ace.


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