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Plant for very small wildlife pond

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Yes, plant singular!

In the ongoing absence of time, money and space to put in the big rockery* with raised pond that I really want to do, I've decided to add a little bit of water to at least attract interests and have added a pair of sink-bowl ponds - hence plant singular!

Any ideas what I could put in them to help attract the critters? See pic - I think they'll look OK once they've been grown up around.

*I have, however, collected from the local fields on my lockdown exercise time not spent on the plot several tons of rocks, many flattish and just nice for building.

You could try a gunnera ...  :drunken_smilie:

...but then I'd need to plant the gunnera first, and put the pond in the gunnera, and I want a plant in the pond, not a pond in the plant!  :tongue3:

My morning didn't need brightening up, but that has done so, thank you!

Tee Gee:
May I suggest you look in here;

Scroll Down to around the middle of the page and you will find a few suggestions under the poolside/ marginal plants list.

Click on each of them for cultural suggestions.

Hope this helps

I like candelabra primulas, though they like margins rather than in the water. 
I have fallen for lobelia cardinalis but that is not quite in the gunnera department but at at 4 feet plus it is not far off.  But otherwise could be called the queen of the bog plants.
So perhaps it has to be a flag.


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