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Today it is 19c and the sun is out.  It is so tempting to go all in but I have no real idea of what the weather is going to be like over the next month or two.  We are in a "rare frost" zone but we had at least 6 nights of temps down below -1c..
So the chilis\peppers are on of course and I have made a start with a few herbs, dwarf beans and courgettes but only really because I have open packets and way too many seeds.  I'm not actually very organised and dont have staging or a poly tunnel now so I'll need to improvise!

Tee Gee:

--- Quote ---Where are you putting all that lot Tee-Gee?... you gave up the plots!
--- End quote ---

I will probably be giving a lot of it away e.g. my son & daughter are planning to give their gardens a bit of a makeover, and I am in the throes of giving my garden one as well.

Then my neighbour next door who kindly looked after us during the first shutdown is developing her garden, so I plan on give her a few bits & pieces for her efforts.

Add to that the village hardware store generally takes any surplus  I have and sells them for me, so as you see;I shouldn't have a problem, getting rid of it all!

But most of all it is my way of keeping myself occupied during the lockdowns!

--- Quote ---What have you sown so far?
--- End quote ---

Mainly perennials as I am of a mind to make my garden a bit more 'maintenance free' now that I am knocking on a bit!

Last season I purchased some seeds I needed from Chiltern Seeds and at the time I saw they had a 'lucky dip'offer on, so I purchased the perennial seed offer of 10 packets for 4.99, so I am having a go with these to see what sort of results I get.

--- Quote ---So the chillis\peppers are on of course and I have made a start with a few herbs, dwarf beans and courgettes
--- End quote ---

In terms of veg, I have only set a few Onion seeds up to press!

'dwarf beans and courgettes'  I think it must be warmer in Portugal.
Though I now have a large cloche/mini polytunnel so I am hoping to try a few beans soon.  We are forecast a heat wave next week.

This is our 5th winter here and, hithertoo, they have been short, light and bright but this year we have had dark, leaden skies since early December and serious cold for here so I have put off plans to sow chillies in early Feb as the seedlings have to go into an unheated polytunnel which we are currently using as day shelter for the chooks as it is so wet outside.

They have pecked and trampled my table of small plants from cuttings and divisions and their dust bathing in the drier soil in there means my citrus plants and fuchsias in pots are covered in dust too so I need it to be safe outside for the cooks so I can make inside safe for baby plants.

Good luck with your perennial seeds TeeGee - never much seen the point of sowing annuals for bedding as the effort and investment is the same but the rewards short-lived.

Tiny Clanger:
WOW TeeGee. Brilliant. I have not even looked at my 6 x 4 greenhouse yet.  Still got a few pumpkin squashes left and there is no cover yet on my polytunnel.  Plot looking very bleak with three drumhead cabbage, 3 savoy type, 5 sprouts and two dozen sad leeks.  I'm aiting for a bit of warmth.  As I'm not very big, the mud on me boots would probably "root" me to the spot.  :wave:


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