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Well I'm pretty much going all in but with caution as always..
The weather for the rest of the month looks good so tomorrow I start in earnest. 

Popped to the market yesterday - toms were 5 for a 1 but I have no idea what type they are so I'll sow my own.  They like roma types and tiny cherry bush ones and they all seem to grow just a few varieties so I'll stick to what I know but grab a few plants next week for giggles.  Chilies are coming on fine, first drawf beans are loving the heat and the weeds are going nuts.  We have been out today trying to clear some patches but I have had to revert to weedkiller on some couch grass..  Ground is really sticky clay so it's just like home - looking to get manure delivered as I think they have had years of blue pellets ferts and no organics.  Two guys I have found with composto\estrume - minimum delivery is 27 tons!  The other was a "lorry load" or 32m3!!  Oddly I can use it all - the issue is getting a lorry to reverse through the gate. 
I also need to branch out into growing a load of flowers which I really only started last year after years of growing veg...  The garden needs colour - luckily I bought loads of seeds and have found a few suppliers here.  The local monthly market is great - there is a seedsman who sells a great variety, even rhubarb seeds, and they also sell seed by the ounce..
Once I get organised I'll post some photos but we are in a perpetual mess atm

Had everything ready to go for weeks, but too cold, dark, wet and miserable to get out there and get going.

Went out this morning, seeds all sorted and ready waiting for the promised weather improvement - cold and wet again. But...... as we speak skies have suddenly cleared and a weird yellow ball has appeared in the sky. Yipee!

I set Golden Bear onions as I have white rot at the allotment about 3 weeks ago in a heated propagator in the greenhouse. With a fortnight of really cold weather I brought them in the house and turned the propagator off to save a few pennies. Out off 120 I have above a hundred showing. I have now set another 120 onions in the propagator but with the higher forecast for the next week or so I am inclined to turn the propagator off. As a footnote I always grow Longor at shallots at the allotment setting last week of March. This year I set in October and they are doing really well under netting. I suffer from Downey Mildew and Allium Leaf Miner and hopefully they will miss both as the over winter onions seem to do. I try to get the onions up and potted on before my wife takes over the propagator with her tomatoes and chillies


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