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Tee Gee:
This is how things are looking in my Heated & unheated greenhouses this morning (11-02-21)

Well done you.  Looks very organised and I hope it all goes well.

Far too cold to sow anything here and it's been a very dark, grey year so far so even if I sow with heat mats I don't think the resulting seedlings would be happy with light levels or overnight temps in the PT.  Forecast is dull and dark for at least another week and cold too so I'm now waiting till end Feb to see what happens.

Where are you putting all that lot Tee-Gee?... you gave up the plots!

Deb P:
Very organised! Iím trying to sit on my hands a bit longer as Iím having trouble keeping my greenhouse frost free this year so there is no point starting to germinate vulnerable seedlings if I canít grow them on in the right conditions....!

Looks like you have been busy TG.  What have you sown so far?

I have just started snow peas and broadbeans in the Kitchen.  They have now got a small root, and will go out next week when it is due to warm up. 


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