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I bought quite a few Jiffy Plugs about 8 years ago and reused them wherever possible.  However, I don't think they are as good as using a pot or small tray and then pricking the seedlings out. Sowing seeds in pots takes up far less room in the propagator than having Jiffy Plugs in small trays.  It's quicker too.  I have also found that the roots can sometimes be restricted in the Jiffy.   This year, I won't be using them at all. 

I have decided to buy a compost blocker instead. The jiffy are very expensive and I am concerned that they net bags do not rot down.  However those I have used are doing well, and it will be easy pot them into individual pots, of larger plant trays.  I have kept some nice one which I bought plants in last year in Aldi.  I am hoping to have some good brassica plants, and none of the drooping type I had last year. 
The are made of very smooth plastic the the plants slide out very easily.   I am also going to give the tea bags a try.   I have also go some curry trays with I have put cardboard divides into.  These are all much cheaper than the Jiffy.  I simply put slots into the cardboard and they slot together.  I have one with 9 sections, but next one I am hoping to up that to 15 which will match the jiffy plugs in the same space.   

Tee Gee:
I have a number of this type of tray and I have cut them down to groups of 10cells.

I have packed these with sieved peat and placed a single seed in each cell and placed them on my hotbed.

Had a look at them this morning and two of the trays have germinated in 3 days!

I use an old dinner fork stuck down the side of the cell to extract the plug/s

Alternatively I stick a pencil through the drainage hole in the bottom of each cell and push the plug/s out.


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