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I do like jiffy plugs.  I bought 100 but that does not seem to be that many.  They are expensive.  But I think they will make potting on much easier. 
What do people think? 
I cannot decide whether to splash out get 1000. They can come out of my petrol budget.  I am just not going anywhere.  Asda are delivering for £6 a month.  They are much cheaper pro rata and would probably last me a couple of  years.  I cannot decide.

I have no experience of using them and havenít felt a desire to.

But it seems to me that, at time like these, when youíre spending less money on certain other things, like enjoying yourself, it makes perfect sense to spend the money on something you like!

As a dyed in the wool skinflint I have been known to re-use jiffy's and I've even been known to re-fill them with something richer and more fibrous when the original compost loses its structure (dust when it's dry, claggy when it's wet).

OTOH it's probably easier to top up an old teabag with compost until it's the same dammn'd thing - after all, few teabags these days are less biodegradable than the jiffy's bag - it just hadn't occurred to me until I read this thread.


Sticking with the wool jokes... that seems a bit "shoddy" to me Vinlander

It felt a bit like that to me too...



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