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For one more year

The subject chosen is

'A photo (or two) that must contain "Plant Life"that epitomises Christmas"

It can be a natural or man made arrangement containing trees, flowers, fruit or vegetables or any combination of these.

The essential thing is that when you look at it, you know it is Christmas Time!

I will donate 50.00p to the winner's choice of charity as a reward.

(Last year Thrive was the charity chosen by BarriedaleNick)

Hopefully we will have some lovely pictures to choose from.

Entries to be in by end of the day on the 28th of December please.

Email your entries to me at ramjamman at hotmail dot com and please make sure you include your user name
If you don't receive a reply in a couple of days post a message below so I can check junk etc.

Thank you daveyboi, for getting this of the starting blocks. A bit worried by your heading though - For one more year. What is the significance? 


--- Quote from: Peanuts on December 09, 2020, 06:35:39 --- For one more year. What is the significance? 

--- End quote ---

It is a possibility that I might actually get around to retiring finally so would have to review my charitable donations that's all

Have sent you my entry, daveyboi.  Thank you. 

I have received entries from 2 members so far

Just a gentle reminder for now


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