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What should I find on my plot today but... well, the clue's in the title! Luckily my bonfire was all in bought-in material, so the wee hog wasn't involved, but I think it was a bit startled to see us as it rolled up, and got itself snagged between the bars of the pallets making up my compost bin, before it eventually worked its way out and set off across the allotments at a steady pace.

I was worried, but the mother-out-law is a small mammal ecologist and she assures me that at even this time of the year if it's warm they are likely to be about - they may even move hibernation dens several times in a winter. A really nice surprise as I haven't seen a 3D, as opposed to 2D, hedgehog in over a year, and have never seen one on the plots in 15+ years out there. 

I rarely see them in person, so to speak, but they are active on our site.... the poo is very distinctive!

I put leaves and manure as mulch under by blackcurrants, and most days they get thrown about.  And that includes the winter.  They only seem to sleep when it is really cold.   I normally fill up a compost bin with leaves and I see the tracks coming out of the bin.  There is a row of huge poplars near my plot but this year the wind blew from the south when the leave were falling so fell in a lake, rather then on the road where I park.  But you are right I must go and find some leaves.   


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