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Seeds from UK to Ireland and Europe

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ed dibbles:
I thought seeds did not need a phytosanitary certificate. I have ordered seeds from the USA before without a problem. Their website (Bakers Creek) clearly states that seeds dont need certification - only plants. :happy7:

Sorry, but they're wrong.   Any plant material entering the UK from outside the EU must have a phyosanitary certificate and from Jan 1st that will include the EU countries.  The rules apply to private buyers and commercial concerns too.

You can personally bring is a small number of seed unopened packets from USA for personal use.  My daughter had done it for me.  I was given a free packet and it had to be thrown.  Unfortunately she chose the wrong packet.  My favourite site does not even now open to UK computers, so I cannot even order and send to a USA address anymore. 
I do know that Franchi UK are struggling with the regulations.   

Brassica seeds live a very long time especially in the freezer.  Cavola Nero would be available from Franchi.  And you will have to perhaps save your own PSB seeds though not if you want F1 varieties.  With Russian Kale I let the best few plants seed.  Never been without it.  It just pops up.  I am hoping for a Russian Kale/PSB cross to turn up.  Had a few Russian Kale/Red Mustards, but they do not produce viable seed. 

I was wondering about the Franchi seeds as they have such a good choice and are good seeds. Hopefully, they will still be available.


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