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This is a reminder to all forum members living in NI, Eire and mainland Europe that, as of December 31st, it will no longer be possible to order seeds from the UK.   Seed companies will have to organise a phytosanitary certificate for each shipment and that will take about 2 weeks and cost 150 per shipment.

I have received a mail from Premier Seeds explaining this and saying they will happily process orders as long as they can be despatched by December 23rd so if, like me, you can't find seeds for things like purple sprouting broccoli, cavolo nero, interesting chillies and quite a lot of perennial flowering plants, get you orders in soon. 


I will of course just switch to ordering from within the EU regardless - anywhere in the EU will do.  Of course this will also apply to people ordering from the UK if they use EU based seed stores and there are some seed shops that never shipped outside the UK anyway (DT Brown??).  Unless there is a comprehensive deal at some point then it is what it is although there are online shops that are based in both locations so should be able to ship and some haven't said what their plans are yet.. 
It's a bit of a pain but I think with a bit of shopping around I will get what I want - seems to have kale and PSB while seems to have all the flower seed I could ever need.  There are lots of other sites

Good job I stocked up before I left the UK!!


A seed company that carries many seeds from a lot of other seed companies from several EU countries, including Reinsaat, Franchi etc.  They even do PSB!  And turnips, another veg that is far better known in UK.  :wave:

Thanks for those.  They've never come up in my google searches for PSB.  I do approve of phytosanitary controls.  Just look at what is happening to olive groves in Spain and Italy.  Not be long before it hits France and Greece and it's devastating for the people who lose their entire olive plantations.

Turnips are easy to find here as seed and the veg are usually sold quite small and therefore juicy for doing traditional dishes such as navarin of lamb.   I very nearly bought some today to have with our roast shoulder of lamb on Sunday but then remembered my daughter is cooking it Korean style with spices and a crust.   

I've even seen swede on sale here.  Horrid stuff.

No swede or parsnips here but turnips are very popular..  Most of your standard veg is available though but nothing fancy - mind you we haven't been to the big weekly market in Rio Maior which looks fabulous.  Lamb is a bit rare or maybe not in season but what I have seen is tiny.  Mutton is nice though and I made a lovely stew last week that will last for days...


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