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If I use edge without any blockers I get a google Vignette Ad when I first click on a link on the homepage..

I get the same ad but never used to.   I must admit because of all these nuisance ads I do not go on to the site as much as I used to.   I have been a member for a number of years and have always found the site very useful and pleasant but these ads have put me off a lot - shame.

I have been getting them recently I just exit it and its goes 

Haven't seen the warning for ages now.  I do have AdBlockPlus and I use a PC with Chrome.  Refuse to use Microsoft Edge on principle.

I get an ad as soon as I click on looking at a posting, or if I click on 'mark as read'.   Annoying, but used to it now!  Noting to do with gardening.


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