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Hi, thank you all for your replies, I am quite glad it is not just me :)

I am quite happy if it keeps the site going for us and will just click exit to get to read the posts.

Pumpkinlover I am glad I don't see the same ads as you   :happy11:

Thanks for all your help.

Tee Gee:

Are you using a Mac or a PC

I get the ads you mention on my iPad but not on my PC!

Mine is a PC Tee Gee

Admin aka Dan:
Are you still receiving these?


Tee Gee:
Yes but not quite as many. When I open the site I get the home page, then when I click on a link to open up a section on the site I get a big banner ad which I cancel and all is OK after that.

BTW this is still only on my iPad and not my PC

I think the ad blocker I have on my PC is better than the one on my iPad.

Hope that helps!


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