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Leeks - can you grow them without transplanting

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Many thanks for all the helpful info.

Tiny Clanger:
I am no expert on leeks and never managed to get them to "Pencil size" till this year.  I grew a variety Bleu Solaise.  Started them in march, scattering the seeds in a shallow pot - 6" diameter x 4 inches deep and then moved 30 or so out into a large tray 24" - 14" in May  - and then just left them in the polytunnel till early september.  Truth to tell I forgot them.  When I found them behind a rather rampeant cucumber - lo and behold.  The fabled 2HB size had been achieved.  I planted them out - hole 6" deep and not filled in and they are really good.  I am amazed I've managed it.


Never managed to grow them without transplanting.
My mate on my old plot just used to throw a handful of saved seed on the ground and water them in.  Then dig them up when big enough, wash them off and pop them in with a dibber.  Had great leeks..

The white section of the leek seems to be a matter of taste.  I have a Polish friend and she does not like what she buys in this country as she does not like the white stalk.  So I told her to leave them outside in the sunshine for a few days, and they soon greened up to her taste.

Tee Gee:
As you will be aware there are " pot leeks" which have short but very thick stems and their are "blanch leeks" which have long white slender stems. You will find that the top growers do not usually purchase commercial seeds they go to specialist growers for their seed .

Alternatively they buy pips which are grown from seedlings that eminate from the seed head grown froma leek/s  that have been purposely allowed to seed in order to keep the desired strain.

I don't normally recommend a commercial variety but on the advice of a top grower I started growing a variety called " Oarsman" and I was generally quite happy with the crops I got. oK the were not show toppers but for culinary purposes I found them to be very good!

See slide show here

The seven harvested leeks at the end of the slideshow are Oarsman and the boards they are laid on are 4" wide in order to add some scale to the photo.


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