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Tee Gee:

--- Quote ---It was so hard to choose pictures to vote for
Each had its own merits just a pity there were not more voters.
--- End quote ---

I agree Davyboi I had the same problem!

Firstly let me thank all of those who entered the competition, and those that voted, and in particular the 14 people who voted for my entry.

I would like to point out the difficulties I had in placing my votes:

I entered two photos that were first and last and the two I voted for came in 2nd & 4th meaning I was involved in part with four of the entries, such was the variety and quality of the entries.

What I have found in photo competitions is; do you judge the photo content or the quality of the photography

In my case I judged on the sprit of the competition!

In the case of Peanuts she not only grew the vegetables, but she also took the time to display them in the way she did, whereas it must have taken me all of 1/200ths  of a second to produce my entry!

Then with Ed's entry I liked that he had gone down on his knees to give us a 'worm's eye' view.

So as I mentioned; these two people in MHO really got into the spirit of the competition, but having said that all the entries were worthy competition!

Well done to all!

In terms of choosing the subject for the next competition I will give it some thought and try and think of a subject befitting the time of year. Tg

I think it was the colours that I loved in Teegees basket of vegs, nearly said flowers so beatiful.

What I love and enjoy about these competitions is that it is far from obvious which might win.  I put Barriedale Nick's little orange turtle first.  I just loved it.  And I was convinced that everyone would surely think the same as me, and that it would win hands down!  But  no. We're all different and have different opinions.  That's the wonder of our world, thank goodness. 

Don't take too long thinking, Teegee, about the next subject!  If it is for Christmas, that's not much time to get looking for ideas,   although some of us are going to have quite a bit of time on our hands now.  Whilst others will be just desperately rushed off their feet, in so many and much-needed ways.  Thanks to all of them from the bottom of my heart.

Keep well all of you, if you possibly can.

Tee Gee:

--- Quote ---Don't take too long thinking, Teegee, about the next subject!  If it is for Christmas, that's not much time to get looking for ideas
--- End quote ---

Your wish is my command!

OK lets have a photo (or two) that must contain '"Plant Life" that epitomises Christmas"

It can be a natural or man made arrangement containing trees, flowers, fruit or vegetables or any combination of these.

The essential thing is that when you look at it, you know it is Christmas Time! :icon_santa: :icon_king:

How does that grab you?

Oh well done, Teegee!  That's a very good, and challenging idea, with plenty of scope for both originality and variation, and yet it could also be quite simple.  So get thinking everyone. 


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