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The Results are in and the winner is Tee Gee with Picture Five

Well Done!!

The Winning Picture from TeeGee with Fourteen Votes

In second place with Nine Votes Picture 8 from Peanuts

In joint third place with Six Votes Each

Picture 3 from BarriedaleNick and Picture 4 from Ed Dibbles

In joint fourth place with Three Votes Each

Picture 1 from Saddad and Picture 6 from Peranuts

In fifth place with One Vote Picture 2 from Nora 42

Last but not least but without any votes

Picture 7 from PumpkinLover and Picture 9 from Tee Gee

Thank you all for taking part I loved all the entries

It was so hard to choose pictures to vote for
Each had it's own merits just a pity there were not more voters

Well done Tee Gee could you choose a subject for the Christmas Charity Competition and let us know so we can all prepare entries for it

Congratulations Tee Gee.  I suspected that amazing basket display would be yours.  I loved the greens with all the water drops too but all the photos were good so well done all and thanks for sharing them.

Congratulations TeeGee  :icon_cheers:

Congratulations, Teegee.  And what a brilliant lot of photos.


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