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Tee Gee:
Started preparing for winter on Monday morning and as I am placing the stuff I want to protect from the potential ravages of winter under glass, I decided to use this section of the forum.

Thought I would give you the 'Garden Tour' to show you how things stand;

Pics 1 & 2: I emptied my 8x6 greenhouse on Monday, Washed the glass on Tuesday and put these plants in this morning (Wed)

Pic 3: Partially filled cold frame closed for the winter and a few bags of rubbish ready to be taken to the tip.

Pic 4: another partially filled cold frame.

Pic 5: I plan on tidying up these Cyclamen before I plant them out in the Rockery.

Pic 6: The Rockery.

Pic 7: Inside my heated greenhouse or put it another way; my winter work house!

Pics 8 & 9;  A few perennial seedlings progressing that hopefully will survive till planting out time next year!

This is how various parts of my garden are looking as of this morning;

Pic10: View across my Front Garden.

Pic 11: Patio part prepared for Spring with pots of Crocus, Daffodils, Alliums, and Tulips.

Pic 12:The Heather bed.

Pic 13: What used to be my Herbaceous Border.

Pic 14: My Pot Store  ('Grot Spot') tidied up and pots & trays WASHED in readiness for next season!

Pic 15: My late supply of Carrots aptly named 'Eskimo'

Pic 16: View from Greenhouse Door.

I hope you enjoyed a walk around my particularly you people who are in 'Lock down' like me! (T2)

*lesser mortal creeps quietly away, struck dumb by the spectacle*

Good to see that you are setting us a good example. Not quite ready to do this 'down South'; winter arrives (or not) later than the 'Blasted North'.
 Complicated for me this year as the plan is for another, larger, greenhouse on a different site. Yet to be completed.Unfortunately the existing will not be concurrent.  May have to 'bed& breakfast ' pots somewhere else .Have already discounted early sowings (probably not cost effective in any case.) Aim to be fully ready for action by mid February. We shall see.

I'm worn out just looking at it!

Impressive stuff Tee Gee and, I hope, satisfying.

Still getting to mid to high teens here by day so all we've done so far is move pots of citrus and fuchsias to the polytunnel because nights did, briefly, turn cold a week or so ago.   


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